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Our History as a Company

GT Edu Travel is an educational travel company that specializes in a unique range of educational tours. We are part of the Sangam Group of Hotels, which operates 16 hotels in the southern part of Tamil Nadu, and has upheld a sterling reputation since its formation in 1968. Formed as a branch of GT Holidays, the biggest destination management company in Tamil Nadu, we have strong infrastructure and a presence in multiple cities. Our head office is in Chennai and we have offices in Coimbatore, Erode, Madurai, Tiruchi, and Kanyakumari managed by trained staff. GT Edu Travel builds on the offerings of GT Holidays and fine tunes them for educational institutions while keeping the well-being of students’ front and centre.

We as a company have recognized the importance of a well-rounded and balanced education and that tours and travelling are important components of it. Our tours both domestic and international mirror this understanding and we design each as a special component, which can be added on when required to the standard educational process.

GT Edu Travel is also committed to creating the best educational tours for school and college students, so that they can combine learning with recreation and reap the benefits throughout their life. With our reasonably priced and customized tour packages, we aim to provide an excellent tour experience to students and help them build great memories to last a lifetime.

The Concept behind GT Edu Travel

GT Edu Travel is all about providing school students and collegians the ability to “travel while you learn… learn while you travel”. Our company understands that travel is an important process of learning and it helps students learn through real life experiences, which cannot come packaged in a book. This core concept inspires us continually as we create our speciality educational tour offerings.

Benefits of travelling with GT Edu Travel

At GT Edu Travel, our tours maximize the impact of school or college curriculums. To achieve this we invest in researching thoroughly the best curriculums available, and consult with several schools and colleges before creating our educational tours. Our belief is that it is important to provide an outstanding experience to students at affordable rates and guarantee a safe and secure environment when they travel. We therefore employ fully trained tour managers, and all our staff have finished our Travel and Tourism certification course that we have established in-house.

Our company understands the importance of maintaining a high level of quality and standards, and we have invested our resources into earning a number of accreditations. Among these are ISO 9001-2008, Edu Travel and Safety First certifications. These accreditations help improve the quality of our tours and allow our staff to provide a level of service that is at par with international standards. This sophisticated level of service allows us to handle a number of tasks with ease, ranging from getting new passports for students to planning complicated multi-city trips.

During each of our domestic and international educational tours, we focus on providing the safest environments for students. We have partnerships with doctors in each destination, and have long standing tie-ups with taxi and other local transportation service providers. These partnerships guarantee that students travel in a secure environment.

Many of our educational tours are fashioned around events such as international leadership summits, visits to space centres and highly sophisticated factories and exchange programs in premier educational institutions. We also have several tours that allow students to learn about the history of modern civilization while they explore ancient cities such as Rome and Venice.

Importantly our educational tours are different from any of those on offer in South India. As we have redesigned educational tours, and have done away with the old formula of packing students into buses and hotels and having them just visit cities.

Speciality Tours We Offer


This unique tour incorporates a visit to the Kennedy Space Centre at Cape Canaveral, and can be custom created as per the requirements of the school, with the addition of several other major US cities to the itinerary. In this tour, students get to indulge their passion for science and discover some of the latest innovations that have made the American space Program the best in the world. The highlight of this tour is the meal the students have with an astronaut during their three-day stay at Cape Canaveral. This trip provides students with a certificate from NASA, allows them to learn firsthand how astronauts live and work and is an inspirational experience.

Most schools prefer to add on several cities to the itinerary of this tour, including visits to New York, Washington DC, Orlando and Niagara. In these cities, students get to visit world famous landmarks and historical monuments including the Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty and Ground Zero. They also get to experience the enchanting atmosphere at Disneyworld and the breathtaking natural beauty of the Niagara Falls.

Europe Tour

Our Europe tour allows students to view modern manufacturing at its best in Germany and the historical attractions of countries such as Italy. The tour of Germany displays the industrial expertise of this country as students get to visit a Volkswagen factory and witness its functioning. Then they visit the historical cities of Rome, Florence and Venice. As part of their itinerary in these cities, they can take in the ancient architectural marvels such as the Colosseum and the Pantheon and glide along the waterways of Venice. They also experience the diverse culture, cuisine and traditions of these two countries as they visit each city.

Malaysia Tour

In this tour, students get a unique opportunity to visit Malaysia and attend classes in many premier educational institutions as part of a cultural exchange program. Students can also visit specialized theme parks such as Kidzania and indulge in role-playing games that provide a mixture of both education and entertainment.

China Tour

In this tour package, we usually incorporate a visit to the annual Global Student Leaders Summit and a visit to Hong Kong. In Hong Kong, students get an opportunity to visit the prestigious Hong Kong University and other major cultural and architectural attractions in the territory.

Domestic Tours

Domestic tours offered by our company are many and diverse. These tours give students the opportunity to visit many interesting states such as Rajastan and Goa. In such tours, they can experience great natural vistas and the best aspects of local culture, architecture and cuisine. Such domestic tours are also often customized to incorporate adventure sports and activities such as trekking.

Our domestic tours are literally one-of-a-kind happenings, as we often employ local storytellers to enthral students with ancient stories and myths around campfires. We also give students unique opportunities to learn about each state, its handicrafts and customs and ensure each of them has an unforgettable experience they can treasure for many years.

Our Company’s Strengths and Focus

At GT Edu Travel, several years of experience in creating tours and our strengths in sales, operations and execution contribute to the excellent quality that we provide in each of our tours. A combination of our company’s strengths allows us to create customized professional tours that are hassle free, well planned and most importantly are an invaluable learning experience.